Investor Relations

Corporate Responsibility

Axway's strength resides in our capacity to innovate, listen to customers and respect the values, embodied by our employees. The company's progress in terms of social and environmental responsibility is evidenced, in particular, by our adherence to labels and CSR programs.

Within its ecosystem, in the software sector and now in the cloud and mobile applications sectors, Axway aims to interact and collaborate, as a responsible stakeholder, with its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders.


Human Resources

Develop talents, have a dialogue, understand and measure the quality of life of the employees in the word.


Axway University

E-Learning, seminars, podcasts & on demand, digital shelves


This training service implements plans to develop skills and talents and share knowledge and know-how to support Axway's strategy and digital engagement.


Axway Surveys

SumMER survey: 39% participation


  • SumMER Axway point/rating: 33

  • Engagement survey: 83% participation, 50% engagement rate

  • The CALM model (Comfort, Alignment, Latitude, Meaning)


Axwegians trained


hours of training


training sessions in 2016

(versus 4,302 in 2015)






years old average

Corporate Social Responsibility

Axway interacts with stakeholders in corporate responsibility: to her customers and shareholders she joins in the annual programs of labels and index. To her suppliers and partners, she sets up recognized politics.

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Environmental Responsibility

For several years, Axway has been committed to an environmental policy favoring eco-responsible practices.

Axway if team of means of communication between her teams implanted all around the world, her customers and her partners to limit the environmental impact. The company pursues the implementation of evaluation tools and certification; organize the information and the prevention of environmental risks. The reduction of waste, water consumption according to the local constraints.

Servers 90% virtual servers
IT Virtualisation of IT infrastructure
Paper 800 Kg paper recycled. Employee awareness raising through the guide to eco-friendly behaviours, published and distributed since 2009
Energy Rigorous management of the "physical" server fleet to minimize energy consumption
Optimization Optimization of hardware life and recycling at end of life
Transport Car policy supports less polluting means of transport
Video Conferencing Video Conferencing
Web Page Switch to paperless documents




CSR Report 2016, Registration Documents's Extract

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