Investor Relations

Compensation Committee

Compensation Committee members:

  • Pascal Imbert - President
  • Kathleen Clark Bracco - Member
  • Hervé Dechelette - Member
  • Emma Fernandez - Member
  • Yves De Talhouët - Member
  • Pierre-Yves Commanay - Member

The Compensation Committee is composed of between three and six members appointed by the Board of Directors, the majority of whom must satisfy the criteria to be considered as independent and none of whom may serve in an executive position.
The Compensation Committee meets at the request of its Chairman or any two of its members.
The main responsibilities of the Compensation Committee are to:

  • Determine the fixed and variable components of compensation as well as the benefits in kind to be paid to company officers and senior executives
  • Verify the application of rules determined for the calculation of the variable component of their compensation
  • Verify the quality of the information communicated to shareholders concerning compensation, benefits in kind, options and attendance fees received by company officers and key senior executives
  • Examine issues involved in setting the policy for the granting of options to subscribe to or purchase shares as well as the allotment of bonus shares
  • Prepare the Board's decisions in the area of employee savings.

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